Zong Internet Packages 2016 (4G LTE) Prepaid & Postpaid

Zong Internet Packages 2016 (4G LTE) Prepaid & Postpaid With Prices & Activation Details
Today, we have brought you proof of one more advancement in our dear country Pakistan. This advancement is the upgrade of Zong internet to 4G. As we have told you already, it is the only both 3G and 4G network in Pakistan with lowest price Internet packages, it has launched for Zong Internet packages 2016 (4G LTE) for its prepaid & postpaid customers. This enhances not only the China Mobile Company’s image and reputation, boosts its finance and economics, but is also feasible for people of third-world country like Pakistan. Zong 4G uses fourth generation of mobile telecommunication technology that Long Time Evolution (LTE) to run the fastest broadband in Pakistan with highest browsing speed and innovative, affordable, feasible Zong Internet packages (4G LTE).

Zong, Pakistan has launched its 4G LTE services through a separate sim called 4G sim. You can buy the sim from any Zong franchise or order it online on Zong’s website that is www.zong,com.pk. You can get the sim card delivered directly to your home address. This show how excellently Zong is facilitating its customers and subscribers nationwide. In this regard, no any company here is still able to compete Zong’s 4G services. Due to all other companies still not upgraded to 4G LTE. You simply have to insert sim in your cell phone, activate it and start surfing around.

Zong has much more to offer. It has 4G LTE data bundles and unlimited packages to offer at a price you will be astonished to know. The Zong Internet packages and bundles are published here along with this article for you.

These internet services, Zong Internet packages 2016 (4G LTE) are not restricted to only 4G sim card. The company has launched another device for customers to surf at browse generously and usefully. The device is known as Zong 4G LTE Wingle, one more source for you to enjoy Zong 4G LTE packages. The device comes for PKR 2000 only. Amazingly, this low-rate device allows you to access unlimited time packages with fastest internet speed nationwide. You just have to plug your wingle device in any power source, May it be laptop or any USB plug etcetera, and you will get connect to amazingly speedy Zong 4G. It is able to support up to ten Wi-Fi devices including cell phones, laptop, iPad, tablet, mac etc. It has the speed of up to 150 Mbps. All these things just for you to have fastest and easily available sources, so that you may have access to Zong Internet packages 2016 (4G LTE).Visit digitalmediaassociation.com.pk daily.

Zong Internet Packages 2016 (4G LTE) Prepaid & Postpaid

Zong Internet Packages 2016 (4G LTE) Prepaid & Postpaid



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