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UHS Lahore Punjab Private Medical & Dental Colleges MBBS & BDS Admission 2019

University of Health Sciences UHS Lahore Punjab Private Medical & Dental Colleges Admission 2019 in MBBS & BDS Programs
As fsc pre medical exams have been taken and processed and this mcat test has also been commenced, now is the time that all of these private medical colleges have to start their admission and selection stage. For the open merit students, your per year fees will be Rs 9 lakh and 50 thousand and your admission fees will be Rs 50,000. For overseas students, their per year tuition fees will be 18 thousand American dollars. Now go through the information which is about these admissions and and for these MBBS, BDS programs:

How Much Weightage is Finalized?
It is finalized by the Pakistan medical and dental council that your marks on an aggregate note, it has to be 60%.

Coming to the weightage area, MCAT test weightage is 50% and inter exam marks weightage has reached to be 40% and finally your matriculation score has reached up to 10%.

Eligibility to Apply on Open Merit Seat Basis
Those applicants who wants to register on the open merit seat basis, it is all must for them to have 60% marks in their HSSC exams.

On the other side, if you have equivalent education, then your last exam has to be passed in these biology, physics and chemistry subjects.

If you belong to the other province of Pakistan, then attach a domicile with your form.

Eligibility to Apply on Self Finance Basis
If you belong to that set of students who wants to fall in the self finance category, then same way your maximum marks in HSSC exams or in equivalent education should be 60%.

Your form should be accompanied by the equivalence IBCC certificate. You can attach your SAT test score, in this test, your maximum marks should be 550 right out of 800.

Steps for Online And Manual Submission Registration Process
The first stage is about the completion of online processing, you can visit the portal link of Bank of Punjab, the applicant has to make his profile and online fill his form.

Note down that you will be given four categories mentioned, they are listed as: open merit MBBS category, open merit BDS category, foreign self finance MBBS category and lastly we have foreign self finance BDS category. When you complete the requirements and all steps, then press the save and submit button, in the last step, the candidate has to lock the form. Rs 2000 is the registration fee for MBBS and BDS admissions.

The manual submission of form will be completed at these venues and they are Rawalpindi medical university, Faisalabad medical university, University of Health sciences Lahore, Nishtar medical college Multan.

Important Dates
00st Nov 2019 is the official deadline to apply. This is the last date and then Hafize Quran test, it will be proceeded from the dates of 00th Oct 2019 till 00rd Oct 2019.

1st merit list will arrive on 00th Nov 2019, 2nd merit list will be disclosed on 0th Nov 2019 and 3rd merit list will be revealed on 00th Dec 2019.

All the best and future updates will be posted here too.

UHS Lahore Punjab Private Medical & Dental Colleges MBBS & BDS Admission 2019

Wait For Ad 2019.

UHS Lahore Punjab Private Medical & Dental Colleges MBBS & BDS Admission 2018

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