Scope of Virology in Pakistan

Hearing the term Virology the first thing which comes in our mind is VIRUS and it is true. Virology is a branch of medical sciences which deals with the study of different kinds of viruses and the other agents which look like viruses. Virology is actually study of taxonomy of viruses, disease developing properties, genetics and cultivation. Viruses have now become the tools for investigating biochemical phenomenon in the cell. We often think that viruses have a negative role in our lives because they work as disease producing agents and they should be removed and eliminated, but the positive aspect is that they are agents which are being used in vaccines and gene therapy.


It is subfield of microbiology and a virologist has a complete knowledge about the structure, means of classification and functions of all the known viruses.  They also know the pathological effect of viruses and their ways of replication. They do have a sound knowledge about penetration, attachment and uncoating phases of virus’s lives, not only this but they are also knowledgeable about their immunity and treatments and controls for viral infections. A virologist can read about the genetic structure of the creatures and make researches to get to know their nature and family. They can also specialize in particular category and can make their future awesome.

A student who wants to study about virology have many sub categories, they can study about human viruses, plant viruses and veterinary viruses. They can also go for specialization in infectious diseases, biological warfare, gene therapy, HIV, viral vectors, tumor suppressing viruses, immunology, viral oncology, molecular biology, retroviruses and pathology.

Eligibility criteria:

BS in virology is a 4 years program and a person can get admission in it if he/she has done FSC Pre-medical. A master program in virology is also offered in virology and 50% marks in bachelor degree are required for getting admission. You can also do PhD in this field and time period for PhD is 3 to 5 years.

Jobs/Employment Areas:

A person with this degree can work in hospitals, cancer treatment hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and medical research labs. They can also open their personal clinic and can also work as a teacher in any medical college or in other universities.


In BS virology you have to study Microbiology and virology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Plant physiology, Basic mathematics, Animal physiology, Biostatistics, Communication skills, Biodiversity, Cell biology, General genetics, Molecular biology, Enzymology, Immunology, Toxicology, Cell signaling, Human biology and pathology, Biophysics, Bioinformatics, Principles of crop production, Fermentation biotechnology, Vaccinology, Food biotechnology, Immunopathology, Clinical immunology, Plant virology, Plant immunology, Diagnostic of infectious disease and Pharmacology.

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