Veterinary Medicine

Scope of Veterinary Medicine in Pakistan

Veterinary medicine has a very vast scope and it has wide range of applications. In an agricultural country like Pakistan people are very fond of pets and every second farmer and landlord has large number of buffalos and cows. There are many numbers of diplomas, certificates and degree level programs in this filed, but Doctor of Veterinary Medicine us one of the most demanded degree in the field of veterinary medicine. If a student could not get admission in MBBS or BDS then he can go for DVM which is one of the best choices.

Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary medicine is a branch of medical science which deals with the diagnosing, curing, treating and preventing all the types of diseases in pets and other animals and birds. A person can further go for surgery of the animals, their general health care and scientific breeding.

Nature of MBBS and DVM doctors is similar because these too fields are very much similar. Veterinary doctors have to take care of animals in parks, animal hospitals, clinics, zoos, cattle farm, poultry farm, fish farm and livestock farms. They do complete checkup of sick animals and prescribe medicines for them. They also work in research labs and do clinical proving. If fracture happens in any animal they use surgery method to cure the wounds and set the fractured bone. They have to do multiple tasks because there are no further branches of this field i.e. surgeons, pharmacists, dentists and orthopedic surgeon etc. The difficult part of this job is that in underdeveloped countries like Pakistan they have to work in unhygienic environments. They help virologists to help in research of different viruses and perform experiments on animals.


A student who has interest in animal and birds should go for this degree. He must have interest in medicine and no complex about veterinary field. He should be hard worker because it is a field difficult than any other field of medicine. He should have ability to think out of the box. He should have good analytical and observation skills and excellent diagnostic skills. He should be very good in research because the have to keep in touch with all new technologies, diseases and cures.

Programs in Veterinary Medicine:

DVM a 5 years program, BS poultry science, BS dairy technology, MS, MPhil, PhD, Course of veterinary technologist, Livestock assistant diploma, Poultry assistant diploma, AI technician, Livestock advanced management course and BS in many veterinary related fields.

Jobs/Employment Areas:

A person with degree and diploma from any recognized institution of PVMC can work in Government animal husbandry departments, poultry and bird farms, dairy farms, national, safari parks and zoos, sheep farms, zoological parks, rabbit farms, race clubs and army stables, public animal hospitals, private clinics, cattle farm, fish farm, public health and research departments, livestock farms, diagnosis labs, research departments, multinational companies, private clinic, national parks, WWF, NGO related to animal rights, pharmaceutical companies and academia.

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