Soil Sciences

Scope of Soil Sciences in Pakistan

Pakistan is country which has variety of weathers and it’s a country blessed with such areas which has different type of soils in different areas. So, it is very important to study about the nature of soil in different area and get to know that how we can utilize the soil of an area so that we can get benefits from every part of the country to make it prosperous. For all this study and knowledge of soil sciences is very important.

Soil sciences is a branch of science deals with formation, mapping, classification as well as the chemical, physical and biological characteristics of the soil. Soil is not only used for production of food, but also plays an important role in management of waste, storage of water, storage of nutrition and it also support the dispensation of different crops and animals. It is an area of study which is mixture of physics, chemistry, biology, climatology, geography, hydrology and mathematics.

Soil Sciences

Now the question arise what is the nature of work for soil scientists. The answer is they have so many duties. They concentrate on the understating, improving and managing water and soil resources. They are experts in studying the upper crust of the earth and try to find out its physical and chemical properties. They made an attempt to determine the distribution, composition, origin and classification of the soil. They collect the data of soil sciences and then make investigations to evaluate the nature and type of soil. They also advice farmers and landlords that how can they best use their lands and make the production of crops maximum and help them avoid erosion. They also help them by guiding them that which one of their land is best for which particular crop. They also help determining the soil problems and poor quality water and also help determining the sources and effects. They do not only assess water availability to crops but also asses the availability of nutrients to crop. They play a significant role in erosion control management and also manage soil for crop production and forest production. If the soil is contaminated they also help people to improve biological, physical and chemical characteristics of soil.

Eligibility Criteria:

A person who wants to get admission in BSC he should have done FSC pre-medical. And for master program the eligibility criteria is 50% marks in bachelors. You can also apply for PhD and it comprises of 3 to 5 years.

Jobs/Employment Areas:

Soil sciences is a very diverse field and a person can work in mining industry, consulting firms, UN food and agriculture organization, forest department, agriculture industry, soil conservation departments, farm management, environment projects and universities and colleges.


The subjects in this degree include Forum of the environment, Ecosystem and resources, Natural science and human use,  Field study of soil, General soil science, Soils and environmental chemistry, Physical studies of soil and water management, Soil biology, Pedology, Soil and environmental quality, Plant nutrition management, Nutrition management,  Grassland ecology, Waste water treatment and dispersal, Environmental microbiology, Environmental biochemistry, Soil management,  Soil microbiology and biochemistry, Urban soil and environment, Soil geomorphology, Assessment of environmental impacts, Environmental biophysics, Soil physics, Environmental taxicology etc.

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