Scope of Public Relation (PR) in Pakistan

Like other countries of the world, in the areas which are now parts of Pakistan, PR was implemented in many forms, even centuries ago. The Monarchs of South-Asia used to carve on rocks or make monuments to convey their achievements. You can see many carved rocks near Mansehra, Gilgit and other areas near northern side of Pakistan. You can see Ashoka’s monarch carved on a stone near present city of Mansehra NWFP. The main purpose of carved rocks was to communicate and endure understanding with the Public. Now-a-days, the main task of a Public Relation Employee is to maintain and boost mutual understanding between organization and its client or public.


When we have a look at the history, we come to know that Muslim Monarchs has designated “Waqa-i-Nawees” in all of the areas to keep an eye on the point of view and attitude of the public and also take a look over the general affairs of the state. They also inform the royals about the important happenings in different areas.

We can conclude from the above examples that the practice of PR is old but it became popular in 20th century when British companies made a way in South Asia and they started using PR techniques to build a good image of their organization and to boost the sales of their companies. Some of the people practiced activities which even today are important components of PR.

Public Relation professionals improve the image of an organization, corporation or department. Every following government of Pakistan identifies the significance of public Relations and they use publicity for moulding the point of view of public. The PR is gradually expanding many areas and departments. The network of PR in Pakistan exists of following two types; one is Official PR which comprise of Internal PR and External PR and the other one is Non-official PR. A person who can not get admission in business related fields can go for Public Relation degree.


Public relation has a great job market and there is a high competition in this field. The areas of employment in PR include Marketing, Promotions, Advertising, Public Relation and Sales. A Person who has good communication skills and he thinks out of the box has many job opportunities. People with this degree can get job in both Government and Private sectors.


The subjects which are being taught in Public Relation degree enhance the communication and writing skills of a person. Following are the major and important subjects in the degree:

Introduction to Public Relations, Creative Writing, Professional Ethics, Media Relations Management, Tools and Techniques in PR and Compaigns in PR.

Eligibility Criteria:

To get admission in any good college or university a person should have done Intermediate in more than 60% marks. And if some one wants to get admission in master program then he should have done BBA, B.COM Bachelors in PR with at least 50% marks.

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