Scope of PhD in Pakisatan

Whenever we speak about higher education the first degree which comes in our vision is Doctor of philosophy (PhD). It is one of the most desired degrees and every person who wants to excel the best in the field of studies will go for this degree. It is unrivaled as compared to other fields. It is a degree which has concern with every filed of life i.e. in both science and Arts. It is a degree which is totally based on research and a student who has a sound interest in his/her subject and he/she further wants to pursue the best of it by doing a thorough research then they should go for Doctor of Philosophy. Every student who wants to serve in research institutes and academia should go for this degree without a second thought. Every one respects a person who has done PhD. You should not choose this degree just because these degree holders are respected all over the world or it has a broad scope in academia and research or they are always preferred over other people because, if you will do so then it would not be of any use. You should select this degree if you have a very keen interest in research and you have thirst for knowledge. It is a degree totally based on thesis work and you should never copy the research work of any other person in same field because it can destroy your career in a glimpse.


If a student has very good academic record and they want to cherish the perks of this degree then they should apply for HEC scholarship. HEC is offering scholarships to shinning and bright students for studying abroad. Many universities are also offering this program online but most of them are fraudulent so we should not take a risk and go for regular university program. If someone wants a promotion and they want to get a good package of salary then they can also pursue this degree by continuing their jobs. People who have done this degree can also get their jobs in foreign countries and they can get skilled migration too.

If someone wants to be extraordinary in this filed then their main focus should be on communication skills. They should have sound communication skills because; they will have to deal with students and other researchers. After getting job they should also keep their research up to date. A person with this degree can also write books and research papers time to time to transfer their knowledge to coming generations. They can make their profile the most powerful one by writing for international journals and by doing so they will get their dream jobs as well.

Areas of Job:

A person with PhD degree can have jobs in universities, international journals, print media, laboratories, Electronic media, Print media, Higher education departments, Research institutes and Book publishers as Researchers, Book writers, and PhD supervisors, Journalists, Engineers, Scientists, Professor and Analyst etc.


Starting pay of a person who holds a degree of Doctor in philosophy is about 80,000.



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