Computer Networking

Scope of Network Engineering in Pakistan

Whenever we hear about Network Engineering we make an image in our mind that it is a Desktop Support Job but it is more than that. It is a field which offers a very fruitful and demanding future. It is a field which deals with designing and maintenance of software and hardware which are important for networking. In this century internet has become necessary not only for organizations but also for homes. With this evolution of internet the job market of this field is constantly increasing. It is field which involves the usage of peripherals, programs and devices needed for communication between computers. To work as a network engineer you have to get certificate otherwise the degree will loose its value.

Computer Networking

A network engineering student can choose two domains in industry. One is Internet/Data Service Provider and the second one is Solution providers/Vendor partners. Internet/Date Service provider have further two categories; Access Networks which covers where a client is terminated and Core Networks which covers the expertise of Systems
Engineering. Solution Provider/Vendor Partners has also further two categories; Pre-Sales deals the work before the sale is made, their main focus is on needs and requirements of the customers and Post-Sales which deals with the work after the sales are made like implementation of a design. If someone is interested in Associate’s degree programs then it is an additional degree which helps students in developing computer networks for organizations.

PhD in Computer Science also offers networking program to research on and by this a person can have additional perks in the field because these people are warmly welcomed than the other degree holders in network engineering.

Eligibility Criteria:

A student who wants a future as a network engineer he should have done F.Sc pre-engineering with extra ordinary marks then he can choose a university which offers a four year program in this field.

The other route to get into this field is to get a degree in Computer Engineering, BSCS or Information technology and then selecting this degree as a master program.


Following are the major subjects which are offered in this degree:

Computer Network Architecture, Advanced VPN Design, Information theory, Network Algorithms, Methods of Optimization, Coding theory, Computer Architecture, Microprocessor Design, Database Design, Computer Operating Systems, Electronic Data Transmission, Programming Languages, Computer Server Administration, Web Development, System Design, Computer Network Engineering Statistical Analysis and Research Methodology.


Network Engineering is one of the fields which have a constantly growing job market. All the companies, organizations, universities and businesses require network convenience to maintain, install, design and protect their computer systems and IT system. They can work as Computer network administrator, Computer network repair technician, Computer network tester, Information technology manager, Database administration, IT consultant, IT administration supervisor, VPN designer, Computer software programmer, University professor, Computer networking software designer and Computer networking hardware designer.


According to BLS the average salary of a network engineers is $100,000 per year. They can earn more than that by constructing and planning LANs and WANs

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