Scope Of MBA In Pakistan

MBA as stands for Masters in Business Administration is one of the most famous and one of the top known programs of education sector in Pakistan. Right through this post we would be discussing about the high popularity of this program, scope of MBA in Pakistan and its main areas of employment.

Scope Of MBA In Pakistan

An Introduction About MBA Program in Pakistan:

MBA is basically added with few of the main program courses that is considered to be the main foundation of the MBA such as accounting, marketing and finance. Today, MBA is known out to be one of the most top famous and hence one of the prominent subjects to study around. If you would successfully pass yourself in the MBA program then no one can stop you to move into the market world to make your future bright. It is being offered on the wide level in all the universities and colleges of Pakistan for different duration of the time scale. Some of them do offer it for 3 years and some of them for the 2 years.

Main and Important MBA Career Option:

The main question that is always in the mind of the students is that in what sort of career ways they can build their future bright with MBA. Well, when you are doing the MBA then you can move into banks as well as educational centers. You can also work in the sectors of the multinational companies all along with the companies of import and export too. You can also get associated with the bank marketing sector or even inside the public relation division too.

List of Important Subjects in MBA:

Below we would add up with the list of the major subjects that is included in the course of MBA:
Finance and Accounting
Public Sector Management
International Business Management
Strategy, Governance and Management
Organizations, Human Resource and Development
Entrepreneurship and Innovations
Technology and Operations Management
Brand Management
Consumer Behavior
Global Marketing
Export Marketing
Services Marketing
Media Planning and Management
Retail Management
Sales Management
Pharmaceutical Management
Ethics in Marketing
Marketing Research
Marketing of Financial Services
Customer Relationship Management

How You Can Apply For MBA?

You can apply for the MBA program if you have the 14 years of education with Bachelors degree or either you have done BA.
If you have 4 years of degree in Bachelor then you should have the 2.50 CGPA within almost all the major and elective subjects.
In the intermediate division you should have the score of almost 60% marks in all the subjects.
All the universities also undergo with their NAT test that is generally done for the Masters level students.
Some of the university centers also arrange the interview that do contain the 10% marks at the end.

So, this was the complete and overall discussion behind the scope of MBA in Pakistan and its high rising popularity in Pakistani students. No doubt that if you would achieve the MBA in the good grades then you can even apply for the international employment as well. If you think you are standing best on their eligibility requirements then apply for it right now!

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