Scope Of Journalism And Mass Communication In Pakistan

Here we will discuss the scope of journalism and mass communication in Pakistan. It is a known fact that these days the demand and high scope of the journalism and mass communication is getting readily in demand among the young age boys and girls. You would be finding almost all the colleges and universities who are providing the high quality of the education in the journalism and mass communication studies. Almost all the educational centers are offering with the BS and MA education in this field that is basically identified as the vocational studies. This educational degree would be making you offer with so many golden options of the employment at the various levels of the print as well as electronic media.

Scope Of Journalism And Mass Communication In Pakistan

High Scope of Journalism and Mass Communication in Pakistan:

If you are conscious about making your future bright in the journalism and mass communication then it is important that you should be having a good skills in the learning and speaking qualities. You should be confident enough while getting into conversation in front of the cameras. It is not just about the English, but your Urdu speaking quality should be impressive enough as well. In the print media, you would be able to search enough employments in the newspapers, magazines and publishing houses. In the electronic media, you are left with the options of the radio, television, and much more.

Different Career Options In the Scope of Journalism & Mass Communication in Pakistan:

Become an Anchor:

You can think about becoming the anchor in any of your favorite channel.

Become a News Editor:

If you love to do the editing then you do have the option as in which you can compile the complete news and hence undergo with the news editor profession.

Become a Field Reporter:

If you are excellent as in favor of the reporting efforts, then you do have the option in becoming the field reporter as well. In the category of the field reporting, there are various kinds including with political reporting as well as crime reporting, or even the sports, social, show biz entertainment and so much more.

Choose your Favorite Desk:

Furthermore, you can also get the employment in any of your favorite categories. You are left with so many options of the designing section all along with the editorial section and even in the monitoring corner desk.

Choose Public Relations Department:

You also have the option as where you can look for the employment in the category of the public relations inside any private or government based centers. These all departments are mostly in the search of the PR office experts who can better deal with the matters.

Become a Professor:

You can also move into the profession of the teaching and attend as the professor of the journalism or the mass communication.

Move into Private Advertising Agencies:

There are so many private sector advertising agencies who are always in the search of the experts who are creative with their ideas in the journalism field work.

Major and Important Subjects in MA or BS Journalism and Mass Communication:

Some of the major subjects that are studied in the journalism and mass communication field work are:
Social Psychology
Press History & Press Laws
Public Relations
History of Pakistan Journalism
Technical & Business Writing
Sports Reporting
Crime Reporting
Semantics Theory
Business Reporting

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