Scope of Interior Designing in Pakistan

Designing is a mixture of creativity and artistic talent. It has always very good job market. A person with good aesthetic sense is best for designing field. Designing comprises of many different fields like fashion designing, product designing, graphic designing and interior designing etc. Fashion designing is a field which deals with textile and clothing, Product designing is connected with the designing of numerous products and Graphic designing is connected with designing of websites, logos, movies, signage etc. We will focus on interior designing and interior designing basically deals with arrangements of places where people live. Some people think that it is field which only deals with management and arrangement of interior of a house which is totally wrong. Interior designing is applicable in all the places from offices to retail shops, from showrooms to hotels, from airports to conference halls and from theaters to TV and film studios etc.

Earlier, the designers were the one who did both external and interior designing. As people became aware and concerned about the interior of their places, it opened a door for the need of interior designing experts. Most of the interior designers specialize in a particular are of work. The areas of specialization are business design, residential design and landscape design. Their work includes decoration of walls, placement of furniture, placement of other indoor objects, Window treatments, control lighting, control of visual and sound effects. Not only they have to decorate newly made buildings but they also renovate old and historical buildings. They should also know how to use computer and different software because first they have to make hand drawings and then they have to make visual representation to satisfy the client.

It is a field in which satisfaction of the client is must. An interior designer should be aware of changing trends. He has to work in the mentioned budget and right kind of atmosphere is what people need. He has to keep up with the latest styles. He should be very careful about the taste and needs of the client. A person who has done BFA can do specialization in this field. Indus valley is offering a four year program in interior designing whereas NCA offers Masters in interior designing.


An interior designer can work in following employment areas:

Entertainment TV channels, Educational Institutes, Theaters, Consultancies, News TV channels, Corporate Offices, Shopping Malls, Cruise Ships, Self Employment, Architectural Firms, Five Star Hotels, Archaeology Department, Builders and Town Planning Department. A person with this degree can also find a job in hotels, motels, church, fine arts, home economics, business houses, film studios, financial institutes, gyms, industries, health clubs, sports stadiums, shopping centers, spas and culture centers, colleges, night clubs and many more.



Following subjects are being taught in this degree:

Interior designing, Materials and construction, Theories of interior designing, CAD, Professional practice, Structures, Architecture elements and building systems, Dissertation writing and research methodology, Drawing, Islamic and Pakistani art, Basic interior elements, History of art and architecture, Photography, Contemporary art in context of philosophy of Islamic Art, Thesis and Practical project.




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