Home Economics

Scope of Home Economics in Pakistan

We live in a country in which girls are mainly not allowed work equally as men. Most of the families are conservative and they allowed their girls to get education but when it comes to jobs they do not allow them to work with men and ask them to do jobs in which they will have to deal with women. So, Home Economics is one of the best degrees for girls in Pakistan. Home economics deals with household management like cookery and art design. Girls can study this subject from intermediate and can also do masters in this degree. If a girl selects this degree then she will be able to manage the economics of home efficiently. Not only Girls, men can also select this degree but according to my opinion it should be a field of girls only. Many new and demanded skills are taught in this program. It is also a professional subject is my prospects. A person who pursues this program can work in their home without going out and can earn a handsome amount.

Home Economics

A person should go for this profession if she/he is interested in art and design. If some wants a happy married life then she can also select this professional degree. If some one is creative and can think out of the box then this professional degree is the best choice one can made. If a girl wants to avail unlimited job opportunities then she should opt for this degree.

Eligibility Criteria:

There is a high competition in this field. If some one wants to get admission is BS she should have A+ mark in intermediate level. If you are not that much good in studies you can get admission in FA and then BA home economics.


Student is taught subjects like Home economics and education, Psychology, Art and design, Money banking and finance, applied art, Leadership, Interior Designing, Textile design, stitching and clothing, Home Management, Food Management and food preservation, Essentials of economics, Marketing, Food and nutrition, Sociology, Small business management, Commercial art, Hotel management, Clothing and consumer education, Communication skills, Early child care and development, Food microbiology, Family and community development, Furniture designing, Physiology, Environmental management, Human resource management and research methodology.


A person who has done home economics can get jobs in every area of work. A small number of areas are Manager, Arts and home economics school teacher, fashion designer, quality control officer, creative writer, lecturer, food industry, interior designer, vocational institutions, artist, textile designer, HR officer, Nutritionist or child and females diet advisor, furniture designer, calligrapher, Creative editor, Event organizer, painter, instructor, NGO worker, Jobs in boutiques, Community mobilizers, Child care centers, Writer, Banker, Consultant, Writer, Owner of a small business, Master trainer, Sculpturist, Supervisor, Home economists and many more.

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