Environmental Engineering

Scope of Environmental Engineering in Pakistan

Whenever, we hear about depletion of ozone layer the first thing which touches our mind in environmental pollution. Due to depletion of ozone layer during last few decades the world is really concerned about the environment. Urbanization and industrialization are generating a lot of environmental issues and many countries including UNO and NGOs are making their steps forward to control this damage.

Environmental Engineering

Environmental engineering is one of the best degrees because future of the whole world is in the hands of environmentalists. Human beings are polluting air, water and soil since the world came into existence. This pollution does not only effect environment but it has also damaged all forms of life too. Environmental Engineering is most important degree in the whole world because, if the environment is clean then there will be no diseases and all the forms of life will be safe. We have always heard a phrase which is “Prevention is better than cure”; it means that if the air and water are not contaminated then different diseases will not spread and it is true to some extent.

Environmental engineers use biology and chemistry in their field to help control pollution. The major duty of environmentalist is to control water and air pollution. Their duty includes providing clean drinking water, healthy air, and fertile land to mankind. They also have a big role in recycling, waste disposal and public health issues. They also purify industrial waste water by waste water treatment systems. They do not only study but also practically help us to control acid rain, global warming, automobile emission and ozone depletion. Some of them also help us in protection of wild life. They use latest technologies to deal with the problems of environmental pollution, energy preservation and human wastes.

A person who wants to be environmentalist he should have love for all the creatures of the world. He should be good in research work because, research helps a lot in inventing new and cheap techniques to prevent environmental pollution. He should also have good communication skills and he should have a good sense of analysis and problem solving.

Eligibility Criteria:

A student who wants to do Environmental engineering should have done FSC in pre engineering group with 1st division and to get into prestigious institutions like NUST they have to pass the entrance exam of NUST.

For Master program in Environmental engineering they have to pass GAT and they should have a CGPA of 2.5 in chemical engineering or environmental engineering.

Areas of work:

An environmentalist can work with NGOs, Environmental Protection Department, Solid waste management departments, Research journals, Irrigation department, Media, Testing laboratories, Municipalities, Universities, and Water supply and treatment departments. They can also work as Consultants, Research engineers, Regulators, Administrators, NGO activist, scientific writers. Green Peace is one of the most active NGO which is working for environment and they hire environmentalists on a large scale. Environmentalists can get jobs in testing labs and they get offers of data collecting jobs. They can also be a part of academia by going into lectureship.


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