Scope of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) in Pakistan

In an agricultural country like Pakistan there is a significant need of Veterinary doctors because every farmer owns few cows and buffalos. Including farming farmers now also do dairy business to earn a handsome amount and feed their family in a good way.  Poultry farming business is gaining population now-a-days and it is a business very profitable like cattle farming. Many people love to have pets and they are very concerned about them that even they consider them as a family member. You must have seen Imran Khan (Politician and ex-cricketer) on TV who expressed his love and for his late dog SHAIRU.  As the number of animal farms is increasing there is a great demand of qualified and able veterinary doctors. Many doctors have even started their own livestock business because as compared to lay man they can manage it beautifully.



Veterinary assistant institutions are increasing in number in our country and a veterinary doctor has opportunity to teach in these institutions. DVM doctors are also hired in government veterinary hospitals, but private practice is better. Some of the students do not like this profession and pass prejudgment comments on this profession. All of us know that animals are greater in number than humans so we should under estimate this profession because it has a huge demand because animal also need medical care. Students who want to serve humanity by doing MBBS and BDS can also go for DVM because animals also need care and they are largest source of food after agricultural products. Our beautiful religion Islam also lay stress on importance of animals and asked us to take care of rights of animals. Our Beloved Prophet PBUH said that Almighty Allah forgave a bad woman because of her kind act with a thirsty cat.

Some of the veterinary doctors try to treat human beings and it is not a good idea at all. Some of the veterinary go for business of poultry, cattle and fish farms and it is very profitable because they have a sound knowledge about nature of these creatures.

Eligibility Criteria:

According to PVMC regulations only students who have done FSC pre medical or A levels can get admission in DVM.


Following diverse subjects are being taught in this degree:

General and systemic anatomy, General veterinary histology and embryology, General biochemistry, General vet pathology, Cardiovascular and renal physiology, General vet pharmacology, Computer Application, Pakistan studies, Mathematics, Islamic studies, Function English, Communication skills, Comparative anatomy, General vet parasitology, Systemic vet histology, General vet microbiology, Physiology of digestion and lactation, Biochemistry of metabolism, General vet medicine, Vet protozoology, Animal reproduction, Endocrinology, Vet epidemiology, Fundamental of immunology, Vet entomology, Vet clinical pathology, Necropsy practice, Vet toxicology and chemotheraphy, General vet surgery, Principles of animal nutrition, Bactriology, Virology, Helminthology, Large animal surgery, Shoeing and soundness, Beef production, Introduction to poultry production, Medicine clinic, Surgery clinic, Reproduction clinic and Small animal surgery etc.

Jobs/Employment Areas:

Veterinary doctors have an awesome future because it is a wide profession and they can work in cattle farms, poultry farms, fish farms, livestock farms, disease diagnosis labs, research institutions, Pakistan rangers and army, zoos, fisheries departments, WWF, NGO, lecturer ship, vet medical store, private business, civil services, private clinics, government hospitals, private hospitals, multinational companies, processing plants, wild life parks and national parks.


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