Disaster Management

Scope of Disaster Management in Pakistan

Analyses of past and present shows that rate of disasters are increasing in Pakistan and it is causing a lot of damage to people and their belongings. A disaster is an unforeseen event which is caused by climatic change and causes derange of many communities and societies. Disasters also affect humans, materials and economic or environmental losses. Disaster is a French word which means bad star. The three types of disasters are Natural disasters, Man made disasters and Hybrid disasters.  Natural disasters are one which causes serious harms on a large scale. Natural disasters are caused by earthquakes, tsunami, cyclones, floods and volcanic eruption etc. Man made disasters are one which are caused by connection of human beings with artificial world. Man made disasters include blasts, gas calamity and horrifying accidents. Hybrid disasters are mixture of natural and man made disasters. Hybrid disasters include increasing population, global warming, deforestation and industrial growth. A community can not over come disasters with its own resources. The rate of disasters is increasing day by day because, we have no specialty in disaster management and we have failed to minimize the causes of disasters.

Disaster Management

Disaster Management is the second name of emergency management. It is about dealing with all kind of disasters and taking counter measures to help prevent disasters. People go into a state of shock after a disaster and disaster management helps in reducing shocking effects of the disaster and puling people back to their normal life. It is vast field and it covers monitoring, search and rescue, evaluation, reconstruction and rehabilitation operations and relief. It does not only deal with counter measures but it also deal with alerting people for coming disasters and when a disaster happens it deal with timely response and efficient coordination.

Disaster management is a method of controlling disasters by using technology. A country according to its economic condition uses techniques and methods to prevent disasters. In developed countries death rate due to disasters is very high and they are reporting more disasters as compared to underdeveloped countries.

In Pakistan state and central government has a responsibility of disaster management. Many different courses are offered by many universities due to order of the government. A complete program of MS is only offered by MCE NUST.

In Pakistan the need for disaster management experts is so high because it is a country with a lot of resources and the rate of disasters is increasing every year.

Eligibility Criteria:

A person who wants to get admission in a program of disaster management should have done bachelors in any course and he should have 50% marks.


A fair pay is given to a person with disaster management skills. The average starting pay of a disaster management expert is about 30-40k.


A person who wants to do this degree should be mentally and physically fit. He should have great control over his nerves. His reflexes should be fast because this profession needs a timely action. They should have a sense of responsibility because they need not only to help other but they also need to take care of them. They should be a team player and they should have leadership qualities. They should have good communication skills and they should have skills to perform well in industry.


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