Scope of Criminology in Pakistan

One of the most attractive and significant degree in the field of sociology is Criminology. Criminology basically deals with the study of crimes, criminal behaviors and criminals. It is far most different from forensics. It deals with the whole society and a society impacts an individual on a large scale so, it has very significant value in both theoretical and practical terms. It does not only deal with investigation of social crimes (theoretical aspect) but it also deals with the study of prevention measures to stop these evil causes from the society (practical aspect). A person who has a feeling of learning in his nature tends to study crimes. The other reason to study crime and criminal behaviors is to protect the society from negative and evil activities.


The feelings like mercy, fear, revenge or support have always emphasis humans to indulge in crimes. Crimes are actually a part of society and in every era human beings showed interest in crimes. Keeping in view the current situation of Pakistan, the study of criminology is becoming more important and its scope is increasing day by day. People are feeling insecure because of increasing terrorism in Pakistan and crime is more important here than the damage caused by the crime. Because of terrorism, tourists do not come here as they fear of property and life damages. So, an individual can help the country by suggesting counter measures regarding all the crimes and a criminologist can only do so. A criminologist has an ability to study people’s mind and he can determine the factors which force a person to engage in crimes.

Criminology is a diverse field some of the criminologists deal with murder cases, some with armed robberies other with rape investigation and some of them with serial crimes of different types.

Frankly speaking, all these crimes are being done in Pakistan and these crimes are increasing day by day. So, our youth can help the country by taking part in investigation of these crimes and by coming up with effective counter measures.

Eligibility Criteria:

A person who wants to get admission in this program should have done their intermediate in science or arts. And whoever wants to get admission in masters program should have done their bachelors with a GPA of 2 or 50% marks.


When someone applies for criminologist position he has to give numerous interviews. He should have no criminal background and before giving job drug screening is also done. Criminologist can work with government agencies as well as private agencies. This profession has three phases. In first 3 years a person works as assistant criminologist. In fifth year he gets the title of criminologist and works in investigation of different crimes. And in tenth year he is considered as chief criminologist. A person with this degree can also work with local law enforcement and as a researcher in many universities and colleges.


Average salary of a criminologist is about $33,160 per year.

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