Scope of BS Agriculture in Pakistan

Broadly speaking, Agriculture has a large impact on our life. From vegetables we eat daily to the tea we take daily and from the grass of our garden to the fibers of cloths we wear and most importantly the medicines we take daily are results of agricultural science. Agriculture is the exposition of nature’s food webs and its conversion into energy for human beings and animals. It also includes Switching or modifying nature’s natural flow of the food web.


Mainly students of our country avoid getting admission in agricultural programs regardless of the fact that Pakistan is an agricultural country and the main income of our country depends on agriculture. BS and MS in agriculture are most significant degrees in the field of agriculture. An agriculture study is all related to farming and agriculture. Due to lack of information and technology in the field of agriculture, it is facing backside of interest. For the people who have no idea about importance of agriculture must know that agricultural scientists play an important role in our daily life. From Food safety and agricultural productivity are ensured by them. They help in production and supply of nation’s domestic products. Various strategies are implemented by them to prevent crops from any kind of danger and they also use different techniques to enhance the growth of crops. They have a big hand in boosting the economy of our country, Pakistan.

Agriculture lands are the treasury of Pakistan and agricultural scientists take care of beautiful treasure of our beloved homeland. They pinpoint different disease of plants and take counter measures to protect the crops and plants from biotic and a-biotic stress.

Eligibility Criteria:

A person who wants to get admission in BS agriculture should have done FSC pre medical and for master program student should have 50% marks in undergraduate program.


There are both office jobs and management jobs in the field of agriculture. They have to spend the time in the fields and sometimes they have to work in laboratories for diagnoses of diseases. Government of Pakistan demands agriculture students a lot. Agriculture students have bright future in both private and government sectors. Pesticides companies also prefer agriculture graduates. If a student wants a bright future then he should select this field. Once someone gets into this field then become aware of the vast career options. Following are the job opportunities an agriculture student can avail:

Agriculture Researcher, Biochemist, Agriculture Consultant, Ecologist, Agriculture Advisor, Natural Resource advisor, Fertilizer Supplier, Natural Resource Manager, Agricultural Management, Lab Advisor, Forensic Science Manager, Agriculture Scientist, Senior Fertilizer Supplier, Senior Agriculture Scientist and Senior Lab Advisor.


For People who want to know about the subjects of this degree here are the subjects which are taught in Agriculture:

Introduction to Agriculture, Introduction to Food Sciences, Introduction to Horticulture, Introduction to Soil Science, Farm Mechanization, Rural Sociology, Soil Sciences, Wildlife Management, Agricultural Economics, Food Processing and Preservation, Crop Water Management, Field Crop Production, Environmental Sciences, Plant Pathogens, Introductory Genetics, Agronomy, Entomology and Irrigation and Drainage.



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