Scope of Bachelors in Computer Science (BCS) in Pakistan

Technology is becoming so vigorous now-a-days. It is so progressive and industrious that everyone wants to become a part of it. People of every age group are using technology in many ways. Survival of humans without the knowledge of technology is becoming strenuous. We can be a part of it in different manners. Many countries have made their mark because of education of emerging technology. If we want to stand out in the world we should learn about technology first. If someone has done their intermediate in computer Science i.e. ICS then the wise decision for their future is to select BCS as their professional degree. Many universities and colleges in Pakistan are offering a program of BCS. But everyone wants to know about the SCOPE of BCS in Pakistan first


Scope of BCS:

With this program students learn about computer languages and practical applications of computer. In Private and Public sectors of Pakistan a BCS student is in demand because of their problem solving skills. They can work in multiple companies like technology companies, medical device, and financial institutions. They can work as network administrators, software engineers, computer systems analysts, database administrator, computer programmers, project managers and teachers. They can also open their software house and can get many projects from all over the world. Software house has a wide scope and by opening it you can not only earn but you can also hire technology loversĀ  to help you in your projects and in this way you can also help them in finding job. IT industry in Pakistan has a very stunning and blazing future that is because U.S has almost rebound from IT industry and many people are out sourcing their projects to Pakistani software houses.

In NGO and Large government setting there is a great demand of Computer Science students for data entry. People in Pakistan are now becoming aware of freelancing and they hire people from all over the world for their work to be done. A BCS student can effectively work as a freelancer because they have a good grip on using computer and they can search on internet in productively. They can do online jobs and can earn million of dollars. You can also see many Pakistanis who are taking a step forward to education of Computer and becoming a part of the IT world by inventing powerful products and helping the world in many ways. As a BCS student has a good grip on computer and they can effectively search about anything that is why they are giving fruitful results in research. Pakistan is a not a developed country and to make it a powerful and developed one the government of Pakistan is also looking for researchers who can research on vast fields to help the country and to make it the best one in the world. In short, a BCS student has a bright future and he/she can work in every field because technology has become a pillar for every field of life


According to BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) average salary of a computer programmer is about $84,360 and average salary of network and computer system administrators is about $82,200.

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