Scope of Astronomy in Pakistan

Astronomy is one of the oldest studies of nature. It is a study of celestial object and totally different from astrology as astrology is an art of future prediction. All the ancient nations like Greeks, Egyptians, Indians and Maya have performed observations of the night sky. It is diverse field and it includes disciplines like theoretical astronomy as and observational astronomy. Astronomy is also used in making calendars. Now-a-days, professional astronomy is considered as astrophysics. The professional astronomy has further observational and theoretical branches. In observational branch people observe astronomical objects using physics principles. In theoretical branch people are oriented towards development of computer to describe astronomical objects and phenomenon. Astronomers are discovering comets and are discovering things outside the

Astronomy is a very old knowledge and people have used it in navigating oceans, deciding when to plant their crops and predicting futures and it can also reshape how we see the world.

With the discovery of gases and dusts which surround stars and knowing that they are the same as gases used to build human body has made our connection stronger with the cosmos. The beautiful images astronomy provides are so popular in today’s culture. Astronomy is used in establishing the furthest distances, discovery of highest temperatures and discovery of most violent explosions. One of the questions which is still unanswered is whether there is any other planet with life.

Study of astronomy is of great values and our youth should study astronomy. People who study astronomy can pursue their career in technology and science. It is one of the few scientific fields which interact with the society. The technology transfer of astronomy includes from astronomy to industry, from astronomy to aerospace sector, from astronomy to energy sector, from astronomy to medicine, astronomy and international collaboration and astronomy in everyday life.

Astronomy gives us the knowledge that how we are fit in this universe. It is very humble and character building field. This field is our heritage and student with this field will get a lot jobs in a near future. As a Muslim it is our duty to study the universe as Allah Almighty has emphasized on the study of the universe many times in Quran e Pak.

Fields in Astronomy:

it is a vast field and it includes the study of Astrochemistry, Optical astronomy, Stellar astronomy, Plasma astrophysics, Planetary rings, Astrobiology, Infrared astronomy, Compact objects, Atmospheric science, Planetary interiors, Ultraviolet astronomy, Exoplanetology, Gravitational wave astronomy, Small solar system bodies, Radio astronomy, X-ray astronomy, Magnetospheres and many more.


It is a very diverse field and people with this degree can work as astrologists, cosmologists, lecturer, astronauts and writers. They can also get a job in NASA or SUPARCO.



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