Scope of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is one of the extremely interesting fields of technology. Technology is becoming that much advance that humans have now developed a large number of machines which can perform daily tasks. In the beginning computers were designed so that numerical problems could be solved but as the technology is becoming advance day by day and people are striving for excellence in technology, they are trying to make computers which can help humans in non-numerical problem solving. Cognitive abilities of human beings are being copied by computers with the help of programs made by AI scientists. Now computers are becoming intelligent enough that they are becoming familiar with genetic algorithms, fuzzy logic, pattern recognition algorithms, speech recognition, natural languages processing and neural networks. Computers are now becoming aware of AI programming languages. Sentience will be achieved once more revolutionary software packages of artificial intelligence are designed by the scientists.


Artificial Intelligence is unveiling intelligence by the computers. AI scientists are now trying to make robots which are intelligent enough that they can act as a human being. Many of the people and the AI scientists believe that in near future fiction will become a reality and robots and computers will become more intelligent than the humans and will rule over the world.

Software engineers with the help of mechanical engineers are trying to meet this goal of artificial intelligence. Software engineers are trying their best to make software which can help computers and robots to work independently without the help of humans. Future of an AI student will be secure because the demand of AI experts is very high in all fields of life. The time is not far and in near future computer will rule the world and they will be intelligent like human beings. The fate of humans is unclear because I fear that humans will be considered useless once these devices prevail over the world.


A student with good communication skills, problem solving and analytical mindset should go for this field. He must have a logical and creative mind. He should have a good command over mathematics, computer languages and statistics.


There is a large scope of AI experts in almost every field of life. They are warmly welcomed in robot factories, mechanical labs, software houses, agricultural industries, production units, research institutes, oil exploration industry, power plants, educational institutions, bio-medical equipment industry, automobile industry, gaming industry, aeronautical field, media houses, scientific journals, electronics industry, chemical industry and nanotechnology industry.


An AI student should have good command in his field that is why courses offered to them are Introduction to AI, Artificial life, Agents, Production system, Non-linear systems, Ontology, Cognitive science, Propositional logic, Cybernetic and system theory, Evolutionary algorithms, Cognitive psychology, Computer Vision, Computer languages,  Complex systems, Nanotechnology, Statistics and many more.

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