Scope Of Anthropology In Pakistan

Are you interested in knowing about the scope of anthropology in Pakistan? If yes, then you have finally reached at the right destination. By the way of this post we will be having a discussion about what is the scope of anthropology in Pakistan. But first of all we would like to discuss about what is meant by anthropology.

Scope Of Anthropology In Pakistan

Scope Of Anthropology In Pakistan

Introduction About Anthropology:

If we define the term anthropology, then it is known out to be the subject that is related with the subject of humanities. This program is having greater sum of scope not just in Pakistan but all over the world. You can even define it as the comparative study of the human societies all along with human civilizations and cultures all along with customs, economics and their emerging development. In short we can say that it is the wide subject that is covering all the aspects of the human life adding with human biology.

What Is The Nature of Work of Anthropology Expert?

The experts of anthropology are also known by the name of human and social scientists. They are performing the task in which they do perform so many research work related with the various theories of sociology. They are also engage in finding the solutions of the modern day social problems. This field is all about conducting the survey and research works through analysis and experimentation.

What Is The Scope of Anthropology in Pakistan?

It is a sad fact to note that in Pakistan there is a small percentage of students who are aware of the scope and emerging importance of the anthropology. Few universities are engaged in offering this program on the bachelor level studies. You can learn about this subject on the levels of MA, MSC, MPHIL and MS or even on the PHD levels.

List of Important Employment Areas In Anthropology in Pakistan:

Below we will be discussing about some of the important employment areas that are being set in the program of anthropology in Pakistan:
NGO Centers
Public Welfare Departments
Social Worker
Field Worker
Community Worker
Manager of Supervisor
Data Collector
Social Activist
Civil Servant
Feature Writer

Few Important Job Types As Anthropology Expert in Pakistan:

Non Government Organizations
Population Planning Departments
Planning Division
Research Center
Media Centers
International Agencies
Business Centers
Social Welfare Departments
Women Division Centers
Child Protection Bureau Centers

List of Major and Core Subjects in Anthropology Subject in Pakistan:

Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
Introduction & Historic Background of Anthropology
Social Change
Anthropology of Art
Social Development
Report Writing
Effects of Globalization
Local & World Civilizations
Family Planning
Anthropology of Rights
Problem Oriented Research
Gender Discrimination and Women Status in Society
If you want to be the part of this field then it is important that you should be having best skills in the mathematics along with the goo communication skills. Analytical mindset with creative approaches is another one of the main skill that should be featured inside the anthropology expert. So if you think you have the potential of having all these skills then apply for this program study right now!

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