Scope of Anthropology in Pakistan

Anthropology is a very interesting and fascinating subject. It is an important subject of humanities and it has a large scope worldwide. Anthropology actually deals with different characteristics of past and present societies. Anthropology is further divided into Social Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology, Linguistic Anthropology, Biological Anthropology and Archaeology. Social and cultural anthropology deal with the study of standards and values of societies. Linguistic Anthropology tells us how different languages have influenced societies. Biological Study of human development and nature comes under Biological anthropology. When a person wants to study about cultures and societies of past then he/she should go for Archaeology and all of this is done through investigation of physical evidence. In earlier 19th century, due to intellect of the people who have created comparative methods to study anatomy, linguistics and ethnology; the field of Anthropology came into existence.


In 20th century, the study of anthropology expanded and many higher institutions of the world began to offer this program. It was 20th century when people began to find different evidences buried under the soil. The senior archaeologists recreate the final scene and they tell us about the past cultures of the world. The organizations like The World Council of Anthropology Association, dealing with anthropology are becoming famous day by day and they have now included about 36 countries to decrease communication gap and to get cooperation in anthropology.

Archaeology is one of the most interesting and famous field in anthropology. Archaeology is fascinating people because when a city is discovered under the soil then Archaeologists study the bones of the people which indicate that how old these bones are and how old this city was. They see different things which people of that city used. They study about their currency and languages and hence, they come to know about their culture and life style.


Taking about the scope of anthropology in Pakistan, one can say that people do not have much awareness of this field and that is why they do not get admission in this program. That is why many universities do not offer bachelors in anthropology. They are offering post graduate programs. But LUMS is offering a 4 year bachelors program and people are now becoming aware and many people are getting admissions.

Skills Required:

A person who wants his/her future in this field should have good communication skills and he should be an extrovert. He should be good in mathematics and statistics. He should be good in problem solving. He should have an ability to think out of the box and his mindset should be analytical. He should be a team worker. He should have interest in humanities.


Subjects in anthropology include Anthropology of art, Social change, Introduction to cultural anthropology, Research methodology, Effects of globalization, Social Development, Anthropology of law, Sufism, Gender discrimination and women status in society, child labor, Rural development, Anthropology of corruption, Human women and child rights, Mother and child health, Social mobilization, classical theories, Human biology, Gender issues and many more.


A person with this degree has demand in NGOs, Planning division, Media, Websites, International agencies, Business, Social welfare, Child protection bureau and Universities.

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