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Scope Of Accounting In Pakistan

Here we will discuss scope of accounting in Pakistan. It is a known fact that these days the demand of the accounting is getting paramount high among the Pakistani students. You would be finding so many jobs of accounting in Pakistan flooded over the newspaper. There are wide range of the universities as well as colleges who are stepping ahead in offering with the wide range of the best educational services in the accounting field. Plus, at the same side there are so many foreign scale of universities as well that are coming ahead in providing with the online form of the accounting programmes for the students. This shows that how much increasingly high in demand this program is.

Scope of Accounting in Pakistan


Why There Is High Demand of Accounting Program in Pakistan?

As you would think about getting into the accounting program in Pakistan you would be left with so many options in terms of getting the employment. Two main options in accounting are financial accounting and second one is the Career in Cost and Management Accounting. You would be geting registered under the certification of the Institutes of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP) all through the way of getting the CA (Chartered Accountancy) qualification. If you have been thinking about doing the accounting major in the Cost & Management Accounting then in that case you should opt in choice of “The Institute of Cost & Management Accountants” of Pakistan.

Different Types of Specialization in Accounting:

In the field of the accounting, there are so many areas in which you can exist with the specialization such as in the financial sector, in audit along with the tax and in the internal audit jobs too. You are also left with the option of the accounting manager along with payroll jobs and even in so many other areas.

List of Positions in Accounting Field In Pakistan:

Some of the main positions on which you can successfully make your career bright in accounting are tax planner, as well as tax preparation system holder. You can also work as being the manager of accounting, Audit jobs as well as in department of international accounting. You are also left with the options where you can work in banks or even in the budget analysis too. Furthermore, you can act as the loan officer along with the personal financial advisers too.

Different Types of Accounting Degrees in Pakistan?

1. I.Com Degree:

This is basically known out to be the intermediate level of commerce degree. This would help you in getting closer with the additional learning of the accounting and the main features of it.

2. B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce):

In this degree you would be learning about the main modes of the accounting related with the companies and firms. This degree is offered for the time duration of the 2 years.

3. M.Com (Master of Commerce):

On the third spot, we have the degree of M.Com. In this degree you would generally be told about the main features of your accounting profession.

4. C.A (Chartered Accountancy):

This is known out to be one of the top and reputable degrees of accounting in Pakistan. This degree would offer you to work inside the local firms and companies on the both national and international level.

So, if you think you are eligible enough to make your future bright through the course of accounting then apply for it right now! We hope that the above discussion clearly shows the scope of Accounting in Pakistan.

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