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Professor Fazal Karim-Best Expert of Islamic Spiritual Healing For Incurable Diseases  

Professor Fazal Karim-Top Expert of Treatment Without Medicine (Islamic Spiritual Healing or Distance Reiki) For Chromic Diseases  
Professor Fazal Karim is experimenting on different methods of spiritual healing. He is providing his services free of cost to the people of the world. He is a real trend setter in the field of treatment without medicine. You will be surprised to see his collection of books on different methods of untraditional methods of treatment. He has a personal library with more than 10000 books on the topics of his interest. He provides his services of spiritual healing to everyone without taking any kind of fee. Large number of people from all over the world call him daily for free spiritual healing advice and treatment. So explain your details about your disease in your first call and after that contact him through SMS, as no human being can receive unlimited calls daily. His cell number is 0321-6460108. It’s a free number as you will not have to pay any extra charges for calling on this number, so call him any time as per Pakistani time from 9 AM to 11 PM.

Professor Fazal Karim-Best Expert of Islamic Spiritual Healing For Incurable Diseases  




Professor Fazal Karim-Best Expert of Islamic Spiritual Healing For Incurable Diseases

Professor Fazal Karim is a physicist and ex professor of Physics. He served as a professor of Physics in King Saud University Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), Dyal Singh College Lahore and Government Islamia College Civil Lines Lahore. He believes that laws of physics related to waves, resonance and frequency works behind spiritual healing of any kind. He says that Metaphysics will soon become the part of physics as nothing happen in this world against any law of nature, we have to discover these laws to get the answers of our questions related to metaphysics. He is writing a detailed book on different aspects of spiritual healing and laws of physics, which are involved in them.

As per Professor Fazal Karim just methods of Islamic spiritual healing match with modern science. Islamic spiritual healing is 100% scientific. He heals the patients from distance. Patient feels relief within one hour and in case of no relief he/she may contact him after one hour. Other spiritual healers take months to heal the patients and charge heavy amount for providing their services. Professor Fazal Karim takes just one hour to give you positive results without taking even a penny. He is really a blessing for all human beings. I am writing this post as my whole family is getting benefit from his free services. He is my real ideal and hero in life.

Islamic scientific spiritual healing is the name of his method of spiritual treatment. You may also meet this genius person personally at his home. His postal and home address is 342-D Shad Bagh Lahore Near UBL. May he live ling to serve the humanity, say ameen please.



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