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LCWU University Admission 2019

LCWU University Admission 2019

Lahore College for Women University is one of the top leading and hence one of the best known independent women’s university that is located in the place of Lahore, Pakistan. This university center was established in the year 1922. This university is the oldest universities for the women that has the enrollment of almost 15000 students studying under the highly qualified 450 staff members. Lahore College for Women University do offer with the intermediate all along with the graduate, post graduate and PhD programs for the students.

LCWU University Admission 2019

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LCWU University Admission 2017
List of Programs Offered In LCWU University Admission 2019:

1. BS Programs Duration of 4 Years:
BS in Botany
BS in Chemistry
BS in Zoology
BS in Physics
BS in Geography
BS in History
BS in Mass Communication
BS in Social Work
BS in Statistics
BS in Pakistan Studies
BS in Islamic Studies
BS in Sociology
BS in Arabic
BS in Education
BS in Physical Education
BS in Economics
BS in English Literature
BS in Punjabi
BS in Persian

2. List of MS Programs For 2 Years:

MS in Botany
MS in Chemistry
MS in Zoology
MS in Physics
BMS in Geography
MS in History
MS in Mass Communication
MS in Social Work
MS in Statistics
MS in Pakistan Studies
MS in Islamic Studies
MS in Sociology
MS in Arabic
MS in Education
MS in Physical Education
MS in Economics
MS in English Literature
MS in Punjabi
MS in Persian

Important Information About LCWU University Admission 2019:

You can submit the application forms from the date of 00th September 2019 till 00th September 2019.
You can get the admission forms and prospectus from the admission office of Lahore College for Women University.

Details About BS Test Schedule in LCWU University Admission 2019:

You can only apply in the BS in Engineering program if you have pass the entry test conducted by the UET.
Entry test for BS in English Literature would be held on 00 September 2019 at 12:00 in the department of English Literature.
BFA entry test would be held on 0 September 2019 in the department of the arts from 9:00 am till 12:30  pm.

Details About MSC Test Schedule in LCWU University Admission 2019:

For the admissions in MSC the first list would be display on 00th September 2019 at 5:00 pm. The classes will be starting from 00th October 2019.

Details About MS Test Schedule in LCWU University Admission 2019:

Written test list for the MS candidates would be displayed on 00 September 2019.
Entry test would be taken on 00 September 2019.
List of the candidates selected for the interview would be display on 00 September 2019. Whereas the interviews would be held on 00 September 2019.
Details About Reserved Sears Test Schedule in LCWU University admission 2019:
Disable and sports interviews would be taken on 00 September 2019.
1st list of the selected candidates would be display on 00 September 2019.
Classes will commence on 00 October 2019.

Contact Details For LCWU University Admission 2019:

Address: Address: Lahore College for Women University, Jail Road, Lahore.
Phone: Telephone: +92-42-99203801-9
Fax: +92-42-99203077
Admission Office: 92-42-99203801-8

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