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How to Get a Banking Job in Pakistan? Tips

Tips About Winning Banking Jobs in Pakistan-Guide for Unemployed Youth 
Banks are backbone of any economy. Youngsters love to get banking jobs. Banks offers very handsome salary and fringe benefits to their employees. Specially banks are ideal place for females. Employees are provided with ideal working atmosphere. Almost all banks are centrally heated and air conditioned. Lot of bonuses are given to employees every year.

How to Get a Banking Job in Pakistan? Tips


How to Get a Banking Job in Pakistan? Tips

Majority of banks have launched their job portals. You may get yourself registered on these portals. Your data will be stored in the data bank for future hirings. Its not an easy task to get banking job in Pakistan.
Try to chose one of these subjects in your intermediate and bachelor programs.
Computer Science

B.Com, BBA, B.Com IT, MBA, D.Com, MPA, BCS, BIT, MA Economics, M.Com. CA, ACCA, CIMA, LLB, BS/M.Sc/MS in Statistics, Economics and Mathematics are best recommended degrees for those who are looking for a banking job. Generally banks prefer to hire MBA degree holders. CSS aspirants should also try for banking jobs in Pakistan as syllabus of

JAIBP is a recommended course for you. Banks give special bonus, increment and even promotion to its employees who clear JAIBP course by IBP. Its a 100% job oriented professional program. You may clear it without any time limit.
Now a days Pakistani banks hire the services of National Testing Service (NTS) for taking the written recruitment tests and interview. Even NBP is now hiring the services of National Testing Service (NTS) for recruitment purpose to ensure transparency. Some banks take the internal recruitment tests.

Minimum required qualification for a entry level banking job in Pakistan is Bachelor. Banking is a very serious and sensitive profession, that’s why bank prefer to recruit experienced staff, so try to avail any job offer in the related field even with low pay package. Try to get Internship in any bank or financial institution. Even accept un-paid internship. For clearing the written recruitment test read any quality MCQ type book. Many publishers have published special books for banking job in Pakistan. Proper interview preparation is also mandatory.

Kindly read the newspapers and visit our jobs category daily for latest alerts about banking jobs in Pakistan. We try to publish all ads about jobs in Pakistani banks on our website. so stay connected with us for latest alerts about banking jobs in Pakistani banks.

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