How To Become a Commissioned Army Officer in Pak Army? Procedure, Eligibility, Tips

How to Join Pakistan Army as a Commissioned Officer? Eligibility Criteria, Guidelines & Tips
If you will make a look around you will be finding so many different changes that might appear in the sector of Army so far. Hence this is mainly for the reason that with each single year the situation of entire country or its relations with other countries has been changing a lot with so many downfalls and upwards. So protecting your country and securing it from the enemy eye is so much important. Performing your duties in the Army sector is not an easy task at all. You have to stay alert 24 hours. All the military officers who are interlinked with the army sector they have to meet up with the professional needs at every single step. Pak army has some strict rules to follow.



How To Become a Commissioned Army Officer in Pak Army? Procedure, Eligibility, Tips


There have been so many people especially boys who do have a wish to make their way into the army sector as the commissioned army officer. But for them knowing the basic requirements and details is so much important. Right here we are explaining with some of the major requirements which you need to follow upon to work as a commissioned army officer in Pak Army.


You can make yourself entered in this profession as soon as get finished with the FA degree or even FSC. Every single year there is a massive number of people who apply for becoming the part of Pakistani army.


Educational Criteria for Commissioned Officer in Army
FA or FSC with at least 60%
Age should be from 17 years till 22 years old.
Sex should be Male and marital status should be unmarried
Pakistani nationality is required.
In case any applicant is already having some other nationality they should instantly withdraw it.


Physical Criteria
Minimum height should be 5 feet 5 inches
Weight needs to be on the basis of physical standards


The most needed and important process of this whole selection criterion is based on the course of written examination. Hence this is much needed for the sake of knowing about the intelligence along with the knowledge testing level of the students. After the examination test, a physical test is also performed for the applicants. This physical test is taken to test the body stability of the candidate and to figure out that how much strong they are. ISSB will be shortlisting the students through their mental as well as physical testing process.


The final selection of the candidate is to be done through three main stages:
Examination test written
Physical criteria test


As you will be crossing yourself successfully through all such stages, you will be successful enough to call yourself to be a proud member of pak army. As the ISSB will be shortlisting the applicants, the list of the final applicants will be sent to the GHQ for one more final check.


Tips to Join Pak Army as a Commissioned Officer

1-You should have good IQ level for joining the Pak army.

2-Try to improve your GK before applying for commission in Pak army.

3-You must be physically and mentally fit rather than super fit.

4-Try to improve your confidence level by taking part in speech competitions.

5-You must also understand the importance of EQ level.

6-Improve your English, problem solving skills, communication skills, situation handling skills and writing power.

We hope that through this blog post you must have acquired enough information about the process of applying for the commissioned army officer in Pak Army. Follow the guidelines carefully and stay connected with us!

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