Guide to Birthstones, Effects, Tips (Urdu & English)

Guide to Birthstones, Effects, Tips (Urdu & English)

Complete Guide to Birthstones By Birth, Benefits, Effects, Smart Tips in Urdu & English Languages
If we start talking about the history of these birthstones, then the time will just pass on and these details and facts on them will never and ever get ended. Here for the people who are born in their specified month zones, some gemstones are fixed and made for them. You can wear these stones in a chain or amulet for you. Also get to know that what benefits you will enjoy upon wearing these stones:

Birthstones By Month Guide

January Birthstone Benefits
Garnet: Self confidence, great profit in the business, stable relationships.
This is a spiritual stone which will move you on the path of higher thinking and it will also do self-empowerment for you. This is the stone when we talk of strength and safety.

February Birthstone Pros
Amethyst: Self confidence, hope.
This stone can help you out in enhancing the level of selflessness as well as to attain and get spiritual wisdom

March Birthstone Advantages
Bloodstone: Competitive spirit, protection from the health issues.
The benefits of this stone are many, it will help you in revitalizing, opening your heart.

April Birthstone Plus points
Diamond: Positivity, good luck, fame, prosperity.
By wearing diamonds, you will bring the element of balance, the element of clarity, all abundance in your life.

May Birthstone Benefits
Emerald: Improved eyesight, competitive spirit, spiritual satisfaction.
This stone gives good number of imaginations to the wearer. You become more and exceptionally innovative.

June Birthstone Pros
White pearl: Fame, good luck, stops black magic, prevents evil eye.
This stone can give you a good income source, it gives you all mental peace, good health, calm down stress, stabilize your mood.

July Birthstone Benefits
Ruby: Fame and success, protection, safety.
If the wearer wants to treat her skin problems, then this is the beneficial stone for her.

August Birthstone Plus points
Peridot: Fearless, bravery.
This stone can ultimately bring happiness and all warmth in your lives. If you will wear it in the form of an amulet, then your asthma and sinus issues will get cured.

September Birthstone Benefits
Blue Sapphire: Wealth and excellent fortune, good luck
This Neelam stone boost the level of your meditation, to help yourself while doing introspection, and to improve the status of your self-realization, wear blue sapphire.

October Birthstone Effects
Opal stone: Excellent married life, and perfect health life.
To counteract and fight against the bad effects, to bring prosperity in your life, to bring love and romance in your life, opal is the right stone for the people who are born in this month.

November Birthstone Plus Points
Yellow Sapphire: Great mental power, helps you to conceive.
This stone has infinite number of pros and benefits for the wearer, it is this yellow sapphire stone which can give you instantly wealth, luck remains on your side and good fortune is welcomed by you.

December Birthstone Advantages
Turquoise gemstone: Mental satisfaction, tolerance and patience.
As it is termed as a holy stone, it let you to welcome good fortune on every single day of your life.

This is the complete guide on these birthstones and these are the specified benefits and plus points which are given by these stones to your life.

Guide to Birthstones By Month, Effects, Tips (Urdu & English)

Guide to Birthstones, Effects, Tips (Urdu & English)

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