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Gemstones & Their Benefits Emerald, Turquoise, Quartz, Opal, Ruby, Pearl, Coral Stone

Gemstones & Their Effects and Benefits Emerald (Zamurd), Turquoise (Feroza), Quartz (Aqeeq), Opal, Ruby, Pearl, Coral Stone ( Marjaan), Blue Sapphire (Neelam) & Cat’s Eyes Gemstone

Here is the complete knowledge for the readers on these gemstones. We will tell you that how these gemstones are useful for you. Check all the details and let us know that which gemstone you love to wear and what benefits it has bring in your life:

Coral Stone ( Marjaan)
If you think that you are impatient, if you get angry most of the time and you want to calm down your patience level then wear this stone.
For the patients of paralysis, those who have joints and fracture problems, this is a useful stone for them. During the old times, people used to keep this coral stone with them during the travel times so that they remain safe from the accidents.

Emerald (Zamurd)
If your business is going down and you want to improve its downfall situation then start to wear this stone.
It keeps you all safe from the evil eye, you no longer feel angry.

Turquoise Gemstone (Feroza)
You remain safe from the accidents.
Poisonous insects and animals no longer come near to you if you are going to wear this turquoise gemstone.

Blue Sapphire (Neelam)
This gemstone can really bring a big difference in your wealth. You become mentally and physically stronger by wearing this stone on your finger or around your neck.

If your heart is weak and you cannot tolerate or hear any of the harsh news and tragic accidents, then do wear this stone all the time.

You will not ever get involved into the poverty situation upon wearing this Neelam stone.

If you have a throat problem, if you are into heart problem, cancer, then this stone will emboss many health benefits onto you.

Quartz (Aqeeq)
To wear this gemstone, it is also Sunnat. Those whose start is Cancer and Virgo, this gemstone holds a big and vital importance for them.
This is a useful if you does not want to become the victim of black magic and evil eye.

Opal Gemstone
From this stone, colorful rays do and actually come, this stone can help you in finding the love of your life.
If you want to do love marriage and there are tough times coming up, then both girl and boy should wear this stone on their both hands.

Pearl Gemstone
This stone can remove all the misunderstandings and differences. You stay cool by wearing this pearl stone and you does not feel angry as well.

Those couples who often fight, they should wear this stone.
Moreover, this stone also enhance the beauty of women.

Cat’s Eyes Gemstone
To keep yourself safe from the black and evil magic, people wear this gemstone.
No evil eye can attack on you if you will wear this stone.

Ruby Gemstone
This stone not only increase your competitive spirit so that you can fight and compete with your enemies, instead it also remove your difficulties.

If you are facing financial situations, then this stone can help you. Now read all about gemstones in Urdu language.

Gemstones & Their Benefits Emerald, Turquoise, Quartz, Opal, Ruby, Pearl, Coral Stone

Gemstones & Their Benefits Emerald, Turquoise, Quartz, Opal, Ruby, Pearl, Coral Stone

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