Fiverr Starting Guide, Tips & Tricks in Urdu & English

How To Make Money Online On Fiverr Tips & Tricks For Beginners 

Since its inception in 2010, Fiverr has become a great website for micro jobs. You can offer your services against five dollars. Many young minds have earned several dollars by working through this site. It is a great opportunity for the skilled, unskilled, students and those women who don’t want to leave home for any job. If you have any sort of creative skill, you can make best use of it to earn enough.

Unskilled people can access this site with a simple click. You are required to make an account without any charges. There is hardly any chance of deception and fraud, nothing is hidden. You will not have to clear any kind of test on fiverr before you start earning here. In order to begin with just visit the site, click join and then follow the necessary instructions for further procedure. Everything on the site is free and you don’t have to pay a single penny to do it.

You can make use of your several skills to earn on fiverr, like logo designing, audio, video transcription, article writing, proof reading, translation and photo shop editing and much more. Even your little creativity can help you earn a lot.

In order to begin earning on the fiverr, it is important to present your skills in impressive way. This is the first step, which can be used to earn a good rapport among the buyers. To offer the services we have to create a GIG, which tells that what we have to offer against five dollars. It can be anything from logo design to the Word Press problem. The GIG has to be impressive and true to reality. Don’t try to underestimate your skills nor exaggerate about your skills. The gigs with video messages are highly appreciated. Your GIG must be distinct from others. It should be impressive enough to attract the buyers. Don’t follow others blindly instead create a unique GIG of your own. You can promote your GIG on social media also.

You can earn more with your creativity and skills. Nothing is impossible. Fiverr works at three distinct levels. You start with the basic level soon after you sign up. Here you can make 5 GIGS and earn up to 325$. It is not compulsory to limit yourself to just five dollars; you can alter the deal according to the budget mentioned by the client who is offering a job. If you keep visiting your Fiverr profile for thirty days and in this period you earn ten tasks, then you will get an easy promotion to level one. Here you can make 10 GIGS and can earn 1500 $. In order to move to level 2, it is important to complete at least fifty orders in two months by maintaining a rating of 4.5. At level 2 you can have 15 GIGS. In order to reach level three that is also known as the ROCKSTAR LEVEL, you need to have a ranking of 4.7 or more. Here you can make 20 GIGS and have a chance to create an extra GIG of 5 to 100 dollars.

Out of your 5$ the website keeps one dollar as a commission. You can withdraw your payments through PayPal or Payoneer. In Pakistan Pay Pal is not available so the people prefer working through payoneer.

Fiverr Starting Guide, Tips & Tricks in Urdu & English

Fiverr Starting Guide, Tips & Tricks in Urdu & English

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