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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Digital Media Association (DMA).

Read the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Digital Media Association (DMA) which is not only website but also a movement for the rights of bloggers, webmasters, programmers, web designers, freelancers, writers and eMedia.

Q- Who can become member of Digital Media Association?
Ans- Its a platform for all those individuals who are associated with any kind of digital media, but our focus is on bloggers, web masters,web developers, programmers, IT professionals, web designers, freelancers and content writers.

Digital Media Association (DMA)


Q- How we can join this movement?
Ans- You will have to pay Rs.1000 or 10$ for annual premium membership.

Q- Why you are demanding Rs.1000 or 10$ for membership of a noble cause?
Ans- Not at all, as you may become our member just by liking our facebook and sending details about your profile. Only those individuals have to pay Rs.1000 or 10$ who want to get our premium membership.

Q- What is the difference between normal membership and premium membership?
Ans- Normal members just show their solidarity with our movement. They will not be given special premium facilities.

Q- What do you mean by special premium facilities?
Ans- Premium members will be given following extra facilities.
1-Membership card for being a digital journalist.
2-Back link for your website or blog.
3-Online verification of membership.
4-Invitation for our annual function. Renowned journalists and political leaders will participate in this function.
5-Article submitting facility on related topic with one do follow link. Approval of article will depend on its relevance.
6-Facility for participating in our workshops, seminars and meetings.
7-Free legal and medical advice from friends of digital media association.
8-Special concession on our courses about different methods of earning money online.
9-Facility for attending and registration for our annual award distributing function.
10-Special discount for our future offers

Q-Why we should become your premium member?
Ans- Its not an obligation at all brothers and sisters. You must read the answer of our last question for details.

Q- I am running a website on blogger. Can i become member of digital media association?
Ans- Sorry this platform is just for professional digital personals. A person having a blog on any free platform can not join us.

Q- I am a professional journalist and member of local press club. How i can join your association?
Ans-You will have to pay pay half fee for premium membership.

Q- How you have included web designers, programmers and freelancers in the category of digital journalists?
Ans- Please try to understand the main idea of our movement. Photographers and even marketing staff of print and electronic media are given the press card and they are also considered journalists. Then why staff members of a professional website should not be considered journalists. For details read our following post:

Mission of Digital Media Association – Voice of Bloggers & Web Developers

Q- I have more than 30000 members of my facebook group. Can i join your association as an premium member?
Ans- Sorry, its not a platform for the individuals from social media and free blogging platforms like blogger, facebook or Such persons can become our normal member only.

Q- How i can become your life member?
Ans- All normal members are considered our life members. If you want to become our premium life member and member of governing body then you will have to pay life premium membership fee i.e Rs.10000 or 100$.

Q- Who is the admin of this website?
Ans- My name is Ahsan Karim Advocate High Court. I launched the first ever English monthly on human rights in Pakistan i.e HR Times International. I am running many websites on different subjects. I am a professional lawyer, journalist, web master and SEO expert.

Q- Which kind of courses you are offering?
Ans- We are offering many professional courses related to web development, SEO and different methods of earning money online. At initial stage one month 3 in 1 course has been offered which will cover all these areas.

Q- Will you provide press card to your premium members?
Ans- Please come out of this inferiority complex. You are digital journalists and you will be given membership card of Digital Media Association. Its a start of a global movement for the rights of web-masters, bloggers, freelancers, IT experts, web developers. e-journalists, web designers, Internet journalists, web developers, computer programmers, online journalists, writers and media personals. Renowned journalists from print and electronic media are with you. We will Inshaa Allah win this war of our rights.

Q-I am a content writer in a website. Can i become your premium member?
Ans-You will have to provide the proof of your job in any professional website for becoming our premium member.

Q-I am a freelance writer. Can i become premium member of Digital Media Association?
Ans-Why not You will have to provide the proof about your published articles.

Q-My website is new and it has very limited visitors. Can i become member of your association?
Ans- We have just two following conditions;
Social media activists can not join us unless they have a professional website.
Bloggers who are using free platforms are not eligible to join us.

If answer of your question is not present in FAQ then contact us.

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