Complete List of Karachi Postal Code, Karachi Area Code, Karachi Zip Code

Complete List of Karachi Postal Code, Karachi Area Code, Karachi Zip Code

All About List of Karachi Postal Code, Zip Code, Area Code
This time we have hit upon the city of Karachi and here you can come to know about the data about its zip code category. The maximum sites present in Karachi are mentioned below along with their codes and tracking information. Check out this data and sort out your confusions regarding this zip coding:

Complete List of Karachi Postal Code, Karachi Area Code, Karachi Zip Code

Complete List of Karachi Postal Code, Karachi Area Code, Karachi Zip Code

List of Karachi Postal Code 2019, Karachi Area Code 2019, Karachi Zip Code 2019

If you are .looking for the zip code of Karachi airport, then it is 72500.
For the information, to enter the code for COD, you have to type these digits 75250.
The tracking address for the site of Clifton, it is 75600.
If you want to track the location of Darul Uloom, then enter the tracking code which is 75180.

All About Karachi Zip Code
The operational postal address for Hotel metropole is 75520.
The functional tracking address for the site of Karachi GPO, it is 74200.
If searching for the zip area info for Baldia town, it is 75760
The locating information for the site and area of Habib bank, it is 75650
The locating code date for City GPO, you have to type the numbers and digits which are 7100

Karachi Postal Code Information
The present zip are details for the site of this Gulshane Iqbal location, it is 75300
The zip data information for this Jinnah post graduate medical center, it is 75510
If looking for the code for the Export processing zone, then do type and enter 75150
The postal address data for the Defense society, it is now 75500
The present zip area information for this Federal B area, it is now 75950

Karachi Area Code Info
Karachi Cantt, 75530,
Board of secondary education, 75150.
Karachi university, 75270.
If hunting for the tracking data for the Keemari site, then do mention these digits 75620.
For those who wants to know about the area code digit of Korangi Creek, then note that is 75190.
Korangi GPO, 74900.
Landhi colony,75160.
For the readers, the zip area information and tracking code for Liaqatabad, it is 75900.
The Liyari zip code and actual five digit data is 75660.
Malir Cantt code on the current basis is 75070.
The area information for the Malir city, its official five digit code is 75050.

More About Karachi Postal CodeĀ 
Manghopir, 75890.
Manora, 75640.
Those who wants to grab the code info about Maripur-CE, it is 75780
Maripur-FA, enter 75750.
Mahmoodabad, 75460.
Model colony, 75100
The five digit number assigned to Murad Memon Goth is 75040
The tracking address assigned to National cement industry, DALMIA is 75260.
The postal information which is allotted to Nazimabad GPO, it is 74700.

Karachi Postal Code Details
The official digit and coding given to New Karachi, it is 75850.
Coding for New Town GPO, 74800
Official coding for North Nazimabad GPO, 74600.
Orange Town, 75800 coding
PCSIR, its current coding is 75280
PECHS, 75100.
Pakistan machine tool factory site loated in Karahi, 75760.
Pakistan naval armament depot site present in Karahi, 75790.
Operational coding for Pakistan steel mills site, 75800.

New on Karachi Postal Code
Pakistan steel mills Township code, 75200
Port Muhammad Bin Qasim, enter the figures 75020
For Quaidabad, enter these numbers 75120.
Rafa-e-Aam Society, type this tracking info which is currently 75210.
SITE, 75700.
Saddar GPO coding is 74100.
Shah Faisal Colony coding is 75230.
Shahrahe-e Faisal postal data is 75350.
Sher Shah Colony postal info 75730.
Sindh Governor House, 75580.
For Nishter Road, 74550, this is their current digit based data.
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