CM Punjab Self Employment Scheme 2019

Once again Punjab Government has announced the new and fresh scheme for the better future of the citizens of the Punjab District. Have you listen about the CM Punjab Self Employment Scheme 2019? Well if not, then we are sure that this post would be giving you much information about it.

Introduction about CM Punjab Self Employment Scheme 2019:

Just a couple of days back, an event was arranged through the collaboration of the Akhuwat Foundation and with the Punjab Small Industries Corporation just as under Chief Minister Punjab Self-employment Scheme. This event was arranged at the place of Masjid Hazrat Baba Shah Jamal. In this event, a cheque of the 2 Lakh Rupees was given to almost 52 men and even the women for the purpose of setting up the employment for themselves. This is a great step taken from the side of the Punjab Government in order to build a better future of the Punjab Province. Hence the Provincial Minister for the Trade, Industry and Investment known as Ch. Muhammad Shafiq came up to be the main chief guest. Plus the Chairman and Founder of Akhuwat named as Dr. Muhammad Amjad Saqib all along with the Director Punjab Small Industries Bilal Ahmad Butt as well as Ali Raza plus Ghulam Nabi and so many other officers were part of this event.

CM Punjab Self Employment Scheme 2019

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What Is The Main Mission of CM Punjab Self Employment Scheme 2019?

The main motive behind the set up of the CM Punjab Self Employment Scheme 2019 is the complete removal of the unemployment from the Punjab Province. The cheques are the main mean to highlight the concept of the legal livelihood among the people and make them passionate to build up their own business for making their future better. It was further mentioned that all the loans in this schemes have been awarded without any mean of reference and any kind of pressure. The repayment of these loans is 100% ensure.

High Success Rate Of CM Punjab Self Employment Scheme 2019:

While addressing to the event, Ch. Shafiq came up with the statement that this scheme has underwent with the great success in just the beginning of the stages. Keeping this success rate in mind, CM Punjab has further allocated almost 2 billion rupees in the present financial year budget for this scheme. Main features of CM Punjab Self Employment Scheme 2019 are:
It was also highlighted that almost 272 center was been established in the whole province.
At the same time the interest free loans have been distributed in almost 6 Lakh an 92 thousand families of the 168 different cities with the amount of 13 billion.
Plus, the loans are also made the part of the local mosques without any sort of the discrimination in the religion and politics.

Hence overall we would say that this CM Punjab Self Employment Scheme 2019 would surely be bringing positive outcomes in the Punjab Province and would give an employment option to so many poor families of the small cities of Punjab Province!

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