Career & Scope of Social Work in Pakistan

Career & Scope of Social Work in Pakistan

Lets read out the career & scope of social work in Pakistan. This field of social work, it is getting wider attention now these days. Even in Pakistan, many of the students wants to become the part of this field line of social work. So check out its career guide from this page. This field tells us that how we should be treating each other, this field line tells us and explains us that how we should be motivating each other and how we should be dealing and handling with our interpersonal relationships.  If you want to become a social worker then note that you will come across a number of and plenty in number of job options. You can be working at colleges, you can work at the universities. You can be serving in the government agencies, you can work for the non-profit organizations. These social workers, they can even work in the hospitals or in the private companies. You should have a complete and valid graduate-level degree in the subject of social psychology if you want to enter into this field.

Career & Scope of Social Work in Pakistan

Career & Scope of Social Work in Pakistan

Specialized Areas Opened in Field of Social Workers

  • Counseling
  • Social work
  • Industrial psychology
  • Forensic psychology
  • Child psychology


Sub Fields for Social Workers Field Line

  • Sports psychology
  • Neuropsychology
  • Health psychology
  • Clinical psychology


Duties of a Social Worker

Any of the social worker, he or she has to understand social behavior, this line of profession comes with many of the job responsibilities. You will be observing your patient behavior in some of the controlled settings or in the real-life settings. Then you will be helping out businesses so that they can train their employees. You will be assisting out companies right during their employee recruitment and hiring process. These professionals linked with field line of social worker, they can work with these government agencies and they main job task will be to draft and make public policies. You will crafting and making surveys for these market research firms.


How to Become a Social Worker?

First you should get a bachelor’s degree in some general subject of social work.Then you need to complete up your master’s degree in the subject of social work. After this you should get a doctoral level degree in this social work subject. Get a state license later on.


Career Paths Opened in Field of Social Worker

There are many career options opened for this field of social work. You can become an industrial organizational worker. In this job line, you will be lending and giving your expertise in that workplace environment where you will be working. You will have main task to improve and enhance the quality of your workplace, you will help out your company in enhancing and all improving productivity. You will complete the tasks related to the organizational development. Teaching jobs are opened too for these social worker. You can teach at some well known college or at some well known and well reputed university, it is one of the common choices for the degree holders of social work.

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