Career & Scope of Gender Studies in Pakistan

Career & Scope of Gender Studies in Pakistan

Do you want to become one of the gender study expert? Have you peruse your degree program in this field of gender study? From this page, have and know about scope details related to field of gender study. It is a theoretical field. You might have this thinking in your mind that that you can do with this degree of gender study in your hands, what career you can opt and where you should look for a job, we can give you details. As this subject of gender study, it is one of the liberal arts major and if you have done studies in subject of gender study and you have completed your graduation then you consider and opt a multitude number of careers for yourself. As this is a vast field and you can consider many and great jobs for yourself like advertising executive, you can be on post of analyst. In this post, we are discussing the career & scope of gender studies in Pakistan. 

Career & Scope of Gender Studies in Pakistan

Career & Scope of Gender Studies in Pakistan


Other Job Options in Field of Gender Study:

You can become an archivist or a broadcaster if you have studied the subject of gender study as your major. You can have job as a campaign worker or a consultant, you can become an congressional aide worker or have job as editor if you have graduate degree in major subject of gender study. Individuals can too have job as a foundation staffer or as an information specialist, you can secure job as intelligence agent or you can become a journalist if you are linked with field of gender study. These individuals who have studied the subject of gender study right as their major then they can get jobs as legal assistant or as a lobbyist, you can become a personnel manager or work as public relations staffer. You can have career line as a researcher or as a teacher too.


Career as Educator In Gender Studies:

If you have studied gender study then you can become one of the professional Gender study expert by paving your career in the field of education. You can become a educator while getting a degree in the subject of gender study and below are career paths which any of the individual can have as an educator:

  • Elementary school teacher, secondary school teacher.
  • Post secondary educational teacher, gender department site officer.


Career as a Researcher:

Below are career options which these gender study background can opt and try by affiliating theirselves with this field of researching:

  • Cultural resource management officer
  • Gender Department


Career as Communicator

All those related individuals who have completed their studies in a major subject of gender study then they can act and have job as communicator as well:

  • Writers
  • Editors
  • Journalists
  • Producers
  • Documentary Editors


Career as Information Manager

Then as information manager too, you can have find many categories of job options if you haved studied gender study and below are further job options which individuals can have apart from this job of information:

  • Gender study record manager
  • Librarians and information managers


Career as an Advocate

These gender study professionals can also serve as advocates and below are further job categories which these gender study professionals can opt in their professional lives:

  • Lawyers
  • Paralegals
  • Litigation support officer

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