Career in The Field of FA General Science, Scope, Jobs & Tips

Career in The Field of FA General Science, Scope, Jobs & Tips

Are you looking for the details of career in the field of FA general science, scope, jobs & tips? If you have done with your matric studies and you want to do your FA then note that in this degree program, you will get and have variety of optional subjects and among these optional courses, you can choose three subjects for yourself. In most of the colleges, three groups are made for these FA students and each of these groups consist and do comprise of certain subjects. Like this group , it consist of subject lines of stats, geography and history, then from group 2, you will have list of subjects of philosophy, civics and islamiyat and then from this group 3, you will have optional subjects of economics, psychology and islamic history. You can make a combination of stats, education and geography. Or you can make the combination of education, geography and urdu literature. Some colleges do offer english literature optional subject, physical education subjects too.

Career in The Field of FA General Science, Scope, Jobs & Tips

Career in The Field of FA General Science, Scope, Jobs & Tips


Introduction on FA General Science Study Program:

              As we all know that FA degree stands for fine arts degree. This degree can take you to teaching job positions as well. Likewise if you have studied English literature or psychology subject in your inter studies, if you have studied and gone through the subject of international relations, political science in your intermediate studies then you can peruse these subjects in your bachelors, masters and Mphil studies as well. Like wise you have studied stats and economics in your inter degree program then it is recommended for the students that they should have their under graduation and post graduation studies in stats and economics subjects. Inter students who will opt subject of economics, they can later on do Bsc in economics, if you have studied physical education in inter then you can further peruse this subjected course in your bachelor program studies.


What are the Employment Options of FA General Science in Pakistan?


When you are all done with the study of FA in Science, you can move into minor level of the employment job options as well. If you are not willing to study further after FA then you can step into the teaching job positional on the small level. You can often start it from the home where you can arrange the home tutor practice session. In the same way, you can often act out your employment by becoming the part of some social work organization.


These are all details of FA general career scope in Pakistan. Now what you should do is that you have all made and prepared your mind that you will be doing FA in your inter studies then make sure to make best and suitable subject combinations. If you will make right and correct subject combinations then these combinations will help you greatly in your bachelor and further educational studies. Make right pack of your optional subjects and make sure they can help you in undergraduation studies of yours.

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