Career in The Field of Air Hostess Job, Scope & Tips

Career in The Field of Air Hostess Job, Scope & Tips

With the passage of time the demand and popularity of the air hostess profession has been gaining the maximum attention and high raising demand in the young generation female category timeline. If you would be looking around you would probably be finding with 80% of the ladies who are striving their way as in becoming the air hostess professional on the best criteria basis. They want to become the part of this profession as this would be giving them a complete set up as to let the exploration over the whole world in a better prospect way. Lets read out the career in the field of air hostess job, scope & tips. 

Career in The Field of Air Hostess Job, Scope & Tips

Career in The Field of Air Hostess Job, Scope & Tips


Eligibility Criteria to Become an Air Hostess

It is important that the applicant who is applying they should be having the set up of the qualification that intermediate or graduation as well. You should be making sure that you have holding on with the 2nd division of the degree in your account with the marital status that has to be unmarried for sure. You age limitations has to be in between the 25 years old. You height has to be maximum 5 feet 2 inches and your weight has to be almost 75KG.


How to Become an Air Hostess?

  • It is important much that starting with you should be applying in different range of the airlines that are highly popular in respect with their reputable name. You should have quick information that what category of the airlines have just freshly opened up with their job posts.
  • You have to pass through the completes set of the written examination that would be held in the objective type form. This will add on with the questions which you have studied previously in your educational background.
  • The applicants who will be crossing the written session as successfully, they will be putting together with the interview stage where they will be invited in the form of groups.


Important Duties and Responsibilities of Air Hostess:

             It is one of the main jobs of the air hostess that they should be carrying out and performing with the complete set of the attendance processing. They will be undergoing with the accomplishment of the pre-flight category of the briefing process along with it Well somehow it is also one of the major duties of the air hostess that they should be letting the visitors know the complete set of information related with the flight detailed form of information and also about the schedule too. If any single passenger in the flight has been into the trouble of the health issues, then the air hostess should have a complete knowledge about taking after the passenger.  They should have a check on top of all the safety equipments all along with the check on the cleanliness of the aircraft as well.  They should be warm and welcoming to the side of the passengers and make them feel like the family members by a big smile on your faces. You should let them know about the rules and procedures of the aircraft in a complete calm and composed manner and should remain by their side in the case of any trouble.

No doubt that the demand of the air hostess profession is getting high because it would open the gateways for the young generation in terms of moving around the world all the time. If you think you have the skills of being the air hostess then apply for this job post right now!

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