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BISE Kohat Board 9th & 10th Class Result 2020

BISE Kohat Board 9th, 10th Class Online Annual Exam Result 2020
The event least enjoyed by the students during the course of academics, is the examination. Most of the students suffer the case of exam phobia. Despite the reluctance of appearing in the examination, they are an integral part of the academic year and cannot be avoided at all. They are a significant and interesting part of the educational career. They are essential because they compel the students who are not ready to study for the whole year, to work hard. In the absence of the examination it is not possible to judge the skills of the student. It is through the examination that the aptitude can also be determined. BISE Kohat Board 9th & 10th class result 2020 is very important, because the secondary school result paves the way of the selection of the subjects or the pre-professional choice at the higher secondary school certificate.


Result 2020

BISE Kohat Board 9th & 10th Class Result 2020


The name Kohat is the combination of two distinct words, “Koh and Hat”. Koh is a Persian word meaning a small hill, while the word Hat is derived from the Sanskrit word Hut. This is a rare combination of two words coming from two distinct languages. The overall meaning of the word is of a market lying on a mountain. Geographically, it is a medium sized city located at an altitude of 489 meters above the sea level. The city is famous because of its market and the cantonment area both introduced by the British. A narrow gauge railway line was also built in the town. The Kohat Pass lies in the north of the city. It is believed that the city was founded by one of the Buddhist Rajas, named Kohat who decided to settle in the northern part of the region.


The foundation of BISE Kohat board was laid on January 19th, 2002. Brig (Red) Talat Imtiaz Naqvi was nominated as the first chairman. The Board started operating in a temporary office located in KDA Kohat. The board was moved to the new complex adjacent to the Kohat University of Science and Technology in 2004. The board has comprehensive working machinery that helps in carrying out the entire academic procedures in a smooth way. From the registration of the schools to the issuance of roll number slips followed by the examination, nothing is done in haphazard manner. All tasks are designated to special departments who perform the works in a hassle free manner until the BISE Kohat Board 9th & 10th class result 2020 is announced.


After the commencement of the yearly examination, we expect to see the BISE Kohat Board 9th & 10th class result 2020 in late July or early august. After BISE Kohat Board 9th & 10th class result 2020 is announced, the admission notice of all colleges for admission in HSSC level appears in the news papers. BISE Kohat board 9th & 10th class result 2020 can be checked on the official website of the BISE Kohat board or the other option is to visit our website. So visit our website and its facebook page for viewing the result 2020 of all boards and universities


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