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Abdul Rehman-Best ASP.Net Software Engineer of Pakistan, Role Model for Students 

Success Story of Mr Abdul Rehman-The Top ASP.Net Software Engineer of Pakistan 
Last Sunday I met with a very talented person in a get together of web developers, who is not only doing a private job as a software engineer, but also running his own business. He is a real role model for students of Pakistan. Mr Abdul Rehman got the BSCS degree from PUCIT with distinction. After that he got the MBA degree in finance too. His first pay was just 15000, he was not satisfied with his salary, so he joined his father in stock business, there he almost doubled the investment of his father, but due to sudden market crash they lost all their money. After that he again entered in his original field.

Abdul Rehman-Best ASP.Net Software Engineer of Pakistan, Role Model for Students 

Abdul Rehman-Best ASP.Net Software Engineer of Pakistan, Role Model for Students

Now his monthly salary was 20000 PKR, but after almost 3 years, now he is taking 120,000 PKR monthly salary. After one year of his job, he compelled his jobless brother to learn web development and SEO. Both brothers started a website which has now become one of top websites of Pakistan.  Now their company has launched many websites on different topics. Their FB groups have thousands of members and their chain websites is fastest growing chain of web portals in Pakistan.

Software Engineer Mr Abdul Rehman has decided to launch an institute to train the students of Pakistan in the fields of web development and SEO. He is going to launch his vocational training institute. He want to share his experiences with the youth of Pakistan. This man is going to become an entrepreneur and Principal of a vocational training college within just 3 years. ASP.Net Engineer Abdul Rehman is sure that he can train the students in the field of web development, SEO and many methods of earning money online in just one month.

He is committed to reduce the rate of unemployment in Pakistan. I was surprised to listen his future plans, but his profile shows that he has achieved his initial goals in no time. Hopefully he will be successful in future too. Our youth must follow such persons as they are our real heroes. I can just salute this young hero for his great achievements and great future plans for the youngsters of Pakistan. He has assured us to write articles for our website too guide the youngsters of Pakistan. We are thankful to him for this great favor. May Almighty Allah bless him always, Ameen.





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